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Local Representative.
Our local representative on West Somerset Council is Councillor Rosemary Woods: Councillor Rosemary Woods.
Rosemary lives in Cherry Tree Way. She has a Facebook page: Rosemary Woods on Facebook.

On 27th January 2016 Rosemary wrote:
"The nice view is of land near my house, some of you will have received a brochure about a proposed residential devlopment on this land. Sorry I won't be able to represent you on this matter as I will have an interest to declare because my own property is impacted by this (Ahhhh!) My fellow Councillors Westcott and Murphy have agreed to field any enquiries I receive."

Details of Councillors Westcott and Murphy are here:

      Councillor Peter Murphy       Councillor David Westcott

Local resident Tony McDonagh has provided a copy of a very interesting email, written by the Programme Officer in February 2016, outlining the Inspector's views regarding the proposed planning application by South West Strategic Developments in relation to the Council's long-term plan: Programme Officer's email

Tony has since sent a copy of some notes of a West Somerset Local Plan meeting on 17th March : 17th March Meeting
and a letter from Martin Wilsher, Principal Planning Officer – Policy, explaining some of these notes. Programme Officer's email

A full meeting of West Somerset Council(WSC) took place on 11th May 2016 to consider the final draft of the Local Plan to 2032 which was unanimously approved.

The latest news on the plan can be found here: 2032 Plan News

The story was covered by The West Somerset Free Press on 27th May.
Tony McDonagh commented:

As far as we are concerned the position remains unchanged i.e.: WSC are not proposing South West Strategic Developments(SWSD)'s area for housing development.
However, SWSD could still make an application.
Around 27 May WSC will consult with the interested parties on the new report (including the modifications). There will then be a 6 week consultation period.
Meaningful suggestions will be forwarded to the Inspector who will produce his report at the end August/beginning of September.
WSC will receive this report and then there will be a 6 week period to allow any legal challenges to come forth.
So in November anything arising from this consultation period will be forwarded to the Inspector.
I am advised that Spring 2017 should see the beginning of developers submitting their applications.
But SWSD could try their luck any time before Spring 2017. However, he would be wiser to wait until all aspects of WSC's plan to 2032 is known.

Other useful WSC pages.
West Somerset Council: Viewing and commenting on a planning application:
View Planning applications.

We understand that previous applications for outline planning permission have been made for this site by the landowner but so far we have not been able to find any references to these on the Council's website.

This is a recent application regarding the necessity for an Environmental Impact Analysis:
EIA/37/15/002 | A formal screening opinion for a proposed residential development of up to 150 residential dwellings and ancillary supporting infrastructure | Land to the south of Doniford Road/Normandy Avenue, Watchet 9th October 2015
Planning application EIA/37/15/002

This is an old application for a caravan site:
Planning application 3/37/89/086

South West Strategic Developments first published the details of the current plan in a document produced to try to get the land included in the Council's 20-year housing plan:
Representations to the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 publication draft on behalf of South West Strategic Developments March 2015
Local Plan submission

This is a 50-page document on the Council's website produced in 2014 which lists potential sites in the area including Doniford Strategic Housing Viability Assessment

This is the section of the West Somerset Council website which deals with the long term housing policy:
Local Plan to 2032 Revised Preferred Strategy
Housing Policy Plan

This is part of an early version of the housing policy plan to 2032. Zoom in to the third page to see the reference to the Doniford site:
Identification of recommended Key Strategic Sites and longer term key strategic sites in response to National Policy Framework.
Key Strategic Sites

The original planning application for the 73 houses on Doniford Road on the edge of Watchet for which work started in March 2016 is here: 3/37/13/035